David D. Greene, CFP®
David D. Greene, CFP®CEO, Financial Adviser, Principal

Another year is coming to a close. Many of us try to find a moment at this time of year to look back and reflect. In this moment, we get to choose though which “lens” we will judge the last twelve months.  Some of us may choose to focus on the many challenges we faced in 2022, while others may choose to emphasize some of the milestones and miracles that we witnessed. I would suggest acknowledging “both sides of the coin” in order to truly appreciate and grow from what was another roller coaster of a year.

The challenges in 2022 were many. The global pandemic continued to claim lives and wreak havoc on parts of the global economy. The war in Ukraine took a huge human and economic toll on the people of Ukraine and many around the world. Meanwhile, inflation in the US economy roared back after years of being absent from the conversation. Its impact on Wall Street saw both stocks and bonds suffer losses and put investors through significantly volatile times. Its impact on Main Street was felt via pain at the grocery store, the gas station and at kitchen tables across the country. On many levels, 2022 was a year to forget!

Yet 2022 was not all negative headlines. A bit of a “return to normalcy” was felt by many of our clients as we again heard of 50th wedding anniversary trips to places like Hawaii, celebrations of grandchildren graduating college (in person, not virtual!) and multi-generational family beach trips along the coasts.  And as a soccer fanatic, I would be remiss if I did not celebrate the World Cup soccer tournament and all the amazing storylines around this event that brings the global community together.

At the intersection of the challenges and celebrations is where we find perspective… and with that, gratitude. Overcoming the hurdles and the heartbreak makes us that much more thankful and appreciative of the bucket list events and the memorable accomplishments. We are incredibly fortunate to work with clients who have the patience and fortitude to manage the downturns by staying focused on the long term.

So, as we as a firm look back on 2022, we want to say thank you for your perseverance and partnership.  Thank you for your trust and confidence. Looking forward, we want to inspire strength and calm. 2023 will bring many additional hurdles but also additional opportunities to enjoy family, financial independence and life itself. We want to wish everyone a safe and healthy holiday season. See you in 2023!!