Tracey A. Baker, CFP®
Tracey A. Baker, CFP®President, Financial Adviser, Principal

Description: Our President, Tracey Baker, reflects on the difficulties of 2020 and the blessings that got us through it.

2020, what can I say?  It was certainly a year we will all remember.  As I write this note, the Thanksgiving leftovers have been eaten and we are looking ahead to Christmas, and I am again reminded of the many blessings we have enjoyed this year.

While we were unable to go into the office, I am thankful for the technology and team of co-workers that allowed me to work from home. Our incredible CJM clients, who remained patient and steadfast during one of the most challenging although rewarding times in my career. I am thankful to have a home to work from and, as many of us lament the extra pounds we may have gained as we quarantine, I am thankful to have enough to eat.  While we cannot really travel safely, I leaned into the blessing of my family who is local.  All it took was the smile of my grandson, Theo, who is almost one-year old to remind me there is joy in all things and the blessing of time with him is invaluable. Lastly, I spent more time at home with my husband and we both were reminded why we said “I do”, more than 33 years ago.

Of course, with these blessings, I also recognize that many reading this message have suffered during this challenging year.  The holidays can often remind us of family and friends lost and distance from those we love. We are grateful for those front line heroes who are putting their safety and lives on the line, sacrificing their time with their families.   Additionally, a historic number of Americans are without work and food pantries are providing needed meals at an unsustainable pace.  I am thankful we can help support those in need, supporting worthy causes as both a company and personally.

In late March when the stock market and economy were drifting ever lower and slower, I found myself at a loss in terms of what to say (a rare position for me). During that time, I heard from several clients checking on me, no discussion of numbers or portfolios.  Just a recognition from people who care of our shared worry.  I will be forever thankful for those calls and messages. Now, the promise of a widely available and effective vaccine is on the horizon.  I believe time may tell us that we were all blessed immeasurably during this year.  Thank you for your continued trust and confidence.  We wish everyone a safe and healthy holiday season and a prosperous, and certainly less exciting, new year.